Some people find it interesting to get home and resume work they had previously done during the day. As for me, I want to forget all there is to work once I step into my home. I would instead suspend work till the following day when I get back to it.

I suppose workers or employees should also keep off from anything like work once they arrive home from the day’s activity. Your last connection to work daily should as soon as you close each day’s work. Unless you desperately want to get promoted at work by showing a high level of dedication and hard work.

The same thing goes for children who go to school daily and spend roughly six hours or more each day. I suppose that after being subjected to such rigor from schoolwork, we should save children of the stress of additional assignments.

The rest of their day at home should be allocated to engaging in extracurricular activities that can give them a feeling different from school. This switch from school to other activities is quite essential.

How Did Homework Originate?

One might start to wonder, “who came up with the homework idea?’ “How did children start taking homework assignments?” There must be an origin to the narrative.

The history of children’s homework dates back to the 20th century. Before then, the mind had not been given a perception of a physical muscle that could increase in capacity.

But alas! – the perception came into being- as reports show that the mind was purported to be a muscle that increased in strength with a corresponding increase in mental exercise. This was the precursor to the invention of homework.

Also, reports show a conclusion that home was the best place to engage in this ‘mental exercise.’ Hence, the need for school work assigned to children to be mandatorily done at home.

It is quite notable to say that homework was initially used as a means of punishing disobedient and lazy students. But sooner than later, it turned out that homework had become the universal norm. Students who showed no misbehavior or insolence to school work were given assignments.

One thing is accurate, and it is that no child loves homework. However, if you see a few who seem to do, they do because they naturally derive some pleasure doing so.

The relationship between student results or achievements due to homework has been studied, and the research has not been able to draw inferences from sufficient data points.

For example, it has not proved that the time assigned to homework will not produce the same results as if students did the same work at school. As much as students need to review work previously done at school, subjecting them to another rigor after each day’s six hours of schoolwork seems tedious.

Rather than having students fixated on such stress, the home should serve as a resting place where some other mind developing activities can take place. Parents should rise to the responsibility of determining what their children spend their time doing, and allow their kids to get professional help when they need it. For example, Do My Homework 123 can come in handy when students are overwhelmed with homework and can’t get enough time for rest and hobbies.