Educators are great people, no doubt. School is also a great institution, and more than any other career field, the education field has great hope. Still, I’m not too fond of the system of homework.

Homework is a traditional parents’ and teachers’ belief it is necessary to help a kid learn. Kids think this archaic education system is one of the reasons they get bored with learning. I think that our schools can be better if we get rid of this system called homework.

Reasons I Hate Homework

I have no reason to conceal my reservations about homework. The following are the reasons I feel homework is outdated and does not fit-in anymore in education:

  • Any formal research has not suggested the advantages and positive impact of homework on elementary school and secondary school students.
  • It is crystal clear that most parents do homework on behalf of their kids. Most times, kids don’t have anything to gain from the homework because they don’t do it.
  • It is easier for most kids to copy the homework from a fellow who has gotten an answer. Social media and group chats are also great tools used to get straightforward answers.
  • Homework is often assigned to boost grades and not necessarily to learn. Students are forced to comply with it to gain grades.
  • Most times, homework is trivial and straightforward work instead of a work that demands high-level thinking.
  • Homework adds stress to students and also take away from family time. A kid’s time should be shared appropriately between school and home. Homework is an attempt to buy the kids’ attention away from the family.

Suggestions on Enhancing Homework

Educators believe that if students did not have much homework to do, they would spend all of their time on games. This argument is baseless and counterproductive.

Instead, we could educate and encourage the kid to have a hobby and to develop healthy habits like eating well, exercising regularly, and having enough sleep. Specialists on are convinced that providing quality help can have the same positive impact as quitting homework at all.

The following suggestions can help us to make the best use out the system of giving homework:

  • Give Reasons For The Homework And Don’t Grade It

There should be a specific reason why a particular homework is essential for a student.  Teachers should endeavor to give those reasons to get students more engaged in the assignment. Rather than grading it to ensure compliance, explain the concept and skills you want them to reinforce and options on how to get it done.

  • Make It Authentic And Encourage The Use Of Technology

Assignments on how to make a difference in their immediate environment and world should be given to students. Such authentic tasks can motivate students to learn and put in the effort. Getting them to adopt technology can also boost their chance of learning.

  • Encourage Observations And Class Discussion

Encouraging observations about your teaching can make your concept more real to them and make them naturally curious. Having them debate on the teaching concept in the class can also boost their interest in the topic and improve their debating skill.

  • Involve Them In Their Learning Plan And Encourage Feedback

Teach students responsibility by having them take ownership of their learning and what it looks like. Inform them about what you expect them to learn and offer various ways to achieve the goals. Proper feedback on any homework should be given by teachers to encourage the students.


Homework can only be useful in learning if we ensure adequate and proper ways of maximizing it. The system has been abused and needs to be restructured.