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6 Jul 2020

Is Homework a Punishment?

Some people find it interesting to get home and resume work they had previously done during the day. As for me, I want to forget all there is to work once I step into my home. I would instead suspend work till the following day when I get back to it. I suppose workers or employees should also keep off […]

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6 Jul 2020

I Hate Homework

Educators are great people, no doubt. School is also a great institution, and more than any other career field, the education field has great hope. Still, I’m not too fond of the system of homework. Homework is a tradition parents, and teachers believe it is necessary to help a kid learn. Kids think this archaic education system is one of […]

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6 Jul 2020

Is Homework a Waste of Time?

Out of the many challenges posed on life at school and home, homework has contributed a significantly huge amount. Its effects come with a lot of stress and pressure. According to research by the Stanford Graduate School of Education, more than 56 percent of 4,300 students assigned their primary source of stress to homework. The other fraction of these students […]

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